Merge Workbooks 3.14

No Image Quickly and easily combine Excel workbooks. Merge Workbooks is an Excel tool for combining multiple Excel workbooks into one workbook. Simply select the workbooks you want to merge and Merge Workbooks will combine those workbooks into one workbook. The trial version is fully functional and is capable of merging up to 5 workbooks. You can remove the 5 workbook limitation by purchasing a serial number.

ExcelSuite 5.0: An application that can process data across numerous Excel workbooks.
ExcelSuite 5.0


2.Collect worksheets from multiple workbooks
Sometimes you may need to copy the worksheets of multiple workbooks into one workbook. If there are too many workbooks, it will be time-consuming to do it manually. By this feature, you can do it quickly.

3.Collect rows from multiple workbooks
ExcelSuite allows you to copy a pre-defined number of rows from multiple workbooks into a single file.

4.SUM based on

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Explorer for Microsoft Excel Manage Excel sheets, links, Names, comments, conditional formatting, hyperlinks.
Explorer for Microsoft Excel

Manage hundreds of worksheets and workbooks with ease. The Explorer works like the Microsoft Excel Task pane and displays workbooks, sheets and data in a visually organized tree-view catalog. You can comfortably navigate between sheets, drag sheets through workbooks, sort, rename, copy, delete them. You can also work with links, Names, comments, conditional formatting, hyperlinks, errors and custom lists. The add-in works with Excel 2010 - 2000.

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Navigator for Excel 1.1

XL Navigator is a tool for navigating inside MS Excel. This Excel add-in organizes all opened Excel workbooks as a catalogue so that you can easily navigate through workbooks and worksheets, drag worksheets through workbooks, insert, rename, delete, and resort workbooks and worksheets. The add-in will also help you manage Links and Excel Names allowing you to move around Excel Names and Links, find the lost ones, delete, rename, etc.

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XL-Addin 1.1: XL-Addin is an Excel add-in suite especially designed for Excel  professionals
XL-Addin 1.1

XL-Addin exporter: transform your Excel workbooks into professional web pages or presentations that could be shared or published. XL-Addin analyzer: allow auditors and managers to evaluate the performance and complexity of any workbook regardless workbook size, number of worksheets or code complexity. Quickly compare worksheets/ranges from thesame or from different workbooks or even from the same worksheet using XL-Addin compare tool.

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myPM Merge The ideal tool for generating merged MS Word Documents and MS Excel Workbooks.
myPM Merge

Workbooks. Features include: Easy to install, configure, and use Supports the following data sources: MS Access Databases, MS Excel Workbooks Generates the following merged files: MS Word Documents, MS Excel Workbooks Saves merged files as individual files as they are generated Prints merged files as they are generated Supports merging of hyperlinks in Documents and Workbooks Includes comprehensive User Manual Why use myPM Merge? myPM Merge is the

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Mileage Charts for North America 3: N.American Mileage Charts for Excel 2007, including times and distances
Mileage Charts for North America 3

North American Mileage Charts and Tables stored as Excel 2007 workbooks, including travel times and distances for both the fastest and shortest routes. Includes workbooks for pan-North America; all US States; Puerto Rico; and all Canadian Territories (excl. Nunavut). Individual charts include all cities with a population of 1000 or more. The pan-North American chart includes the 1000 largest cities in the contiguous US and Canada.

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